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Property Finder



Looking for a property cannot simply be improvised


It requires time and responsiveness, in a complex market which often discourages the candidates.


You lack availability and would appreciate to be reassured by being helped in your search by a real estate market professional fully committed to your cause.


Our property hunters are offering this personalized service. They will help you to find the property that best meets your criteria, be it for private or professional use.


We are addressing buyers seeking a residential property, but also investors


Twenty years of experience and expertise matters when it comes to define your research and respond to it as quickly as possible.




If you consider diversifying your portfolio by investing in real estate.


Whether it is a personal investment or made through a real estate holding company, your property hunter will assist and advise you all the way of the process


The factors that determine the suitability of an investment are numerous and may vary, depending on regulatory changes or fluctuations in different markets. Each opportunity is unique and must be analyzed according to the appropriate criteria, which is why it is prudent to be advised during a purchase.


The property hunter will share his expert opinion along the different phases of the research.

He will assist you with the setup of the criteria, the choice of the location, the condition of the property, the identification of possible urbanistic infringements.

he will analyze the current leases and will check the corresponding rents

he will also calculate the net yield and the potential optimization of rents.


The network of experts suggested by the property hunter will be able to consolidate the different decisions taken until the signature of the act at the notary

Rental management

The purpose of this service is to simplify as much as possible the management of your rental property assets as we become your only interlocutor.


We become also the main point of contact for your tenants and for the various external parties.


We organize the lease and the administrative follow-up. (drafting of lease contracts, inventories, ...)




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Marie Palmblad



Our conditions 

  • Our total fees are  3% + VAT *

  • It includes 500 € fees payable at the beginning of the research mission

  • Fees are payable at the signing of the sales agreement at the notary

* This amount is based on the  final purchase price of the property (excluding acquisition costs) and less the application fees. Applicable VAT of 21%

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