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Searchlight - Brussels property finder

You simply cannot improvise the search for a property! That’s why the bureau Searchlight is making such an impression on the residential property market thanks to a team specialising in the search for properties in Brussels and its surroundings. As the name suggests, its primary mission is to put the property that you are looking for under the spotlight. Our added-value resides in a premium service with the involvement of a team motivated to find you the ideal property, while being oriented to advise and accompany the client in that search.

It is well-known that Brussels is the capital of Europe, where people live well. This excellent quality of life is largely due to its greenery, its unique sites, its unusual sectors and its central position at the heart of the European transport network. As a reminder, Brussels is only 1h 20m from Paris and 1h 42 m from London. The presence of the European institutions means that Brussels is a decision making centre of the first order and an economic space in full effervescence.

Numerous studies and press articles confirm that the Brussels property market is resisting the present economic crisis. Prices in the residential sector remain more affordable than in other European capitals. Consequently, now is the ideal time, if you are expat or not, to invest, in residential property in Brussels, where long term values are assured. Overall, prices have dropped by several percent compared to 2008, which has allowed for the regularisation of over-valued accommodation. This is a very good thing for those who are looking for a property to buy and our role is to make the commitment to assist you every step of the way in making your decision.